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🌊 Ionio

Ionio is a higher-level language that allows you to write smart contracts for the Elements blockchain. It can compile instructions for Elements’ execution environment, which targets Elements Tapscript and Simplicity.


The syntax is based on Bitcoin's smart contract language Ivy, but its functionality is enhanced since smart contracts for Elements differ greatly from smart contracts on Bitcoin.

👷‍♀️ JavaScript SDK

ℹ️ Ionio only offers a JavaScript SDK, but Ionio contracts can be integrated into other languages as well. Because there are no ready-to-use SDKs available for them, this is considered advanced usage, and it is recommended to use the JavaScript SDK.

The JavaScript SDK can be installed into your project with NPM.

npm install @ionio-lang/ionio

Read more about the JavaScript SDK in the SDK documentation.

Ionio is prototype software and is intended for educational purposes only. Do not attempt to use Ionio to control real Bitcoins.


Bug reports and feature requests are welcome; you can create an issue or pull request on this repo.

Join the community

You can also join the Ionio discussion channel on Telegram.